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Winter Deliveries & Policies

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” — Paul Theroux

Deliveries for Winter

During the harsh winter months of December through April, our studio must adjust how it runs it deliveries to ensure our clients are still receiving amazing floral. This does mean that we will have to ask each and every person who orders from us for their understanding, while also thank them for their cooperation. Our management watches the weather closely each day in order to make the best decisions for not only our clients, but also for our staff. Since winter has begun early this year, we wish to make known a few changes...

  • Phone Numbers: All orders for delivery must have a contact number for the recipient when delivering to a home. If we do not have a phone number for them, we will not be able to make the delivery. If it is too cold to leave the flowers or the weather is preventing us from leaving them, we need a way to contact them to set-up the best time to deliver. We will also contact them to find out a time they will be home to see if we possibly could leave them. For deliveries in areas outside of Pinetop-Lakeside and Show Low proper, we will have to give a call beforehand.

  • Rain/Snow: Yes, we will continue to deliver in the rain and snow as long as it is safe for our staff. If conditions are deemed unsafe, the area of delivery is inaccessible, or we are unable to get ahold of someone to ensure they will be home, then we reserve the right to push the delivery to the next available day.

  • Late Arrival: If the recipient is not due home till quite late into the evening, then we will not be leaving the flowers. Temperatures at night are dropping far too low, too quickly. Were we to leave them, the flowers would freeze and die within hours. If our studio is told to leave them anyways, then we are not liable for what happens nor are we required to replace them without charge. 

  • Before/After Hours: Any order that requires us to deliver before or after our studio's business hours must be delivered to a business, mortuary, or some other establishment that is open. Residential deliveries will receive a phone call from our studio to ensure someone will be home at the time of the delivery. If no one responds, then it will be held off till a warmer time.

Hours for when deliveries to residences are to be made have also changed. When delivering to a business, these hours do not affect them, only the hours that the business is open. Please note that we have done this in the hopes that the deliveries will be made during the warmer hours of the day. If no specific time window is asked for, then our studio will hold off till the afternoon.

Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm | Saturday: 10am - 3pm | Sunday: Closed

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these next few months. Please note, that there have been times when it has continued to snow into the month of May. If that seems so, then our winter deliveries and policies will extend till there is no more snow or cold temperatures.

Winter Policies

During the harsh, cold winter months of the White Mountains, our studio alters their way of handling deliveries. As stated above, those changes do require a bit more work not only on our end, but on our clients's end as well. Even during the winter months, our studio's policies remain the same, though we have made an adjustment or two.

  • Floral that is left out by the client or recipient's request and suffers from the cold temperature/weather resulting in wilted and/or dead floral is not subject to a replacement. If it is demanded that our studio design a new arrangement, then the client will be charged for it.

  • If our studio attempts delivery but is unable to make it due to unsafe conditions or inaccessible routes, the delivery will be pushed to the next day without a second delivery fee being incurred. This is only for the area of Pinetop-Lakeside and the town of Show Low. Areas outside of these will result in our studio contacting the recipient before delivery is made to ensure the way is open/safe, but if we find out that is not true after already driving out there, then another fee may be charged to the client. That is to the discretion of the studio and management.

  • Orders that do not provide a phone number for recipients of residential areas will either be held at the studio till one is provided, or we will attempt delivery as many times possible yet not leave the flowers at the door. These extra delivery attempts are subject to incur extra delivery charges to the client.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to provide contact information for recipients, especially when wanting it to be a surprise, but we pride ourselves on our arrangements and the care taken during delivering of them. Our staff just wants to ensure that everyone has a chance to properly enjoy their flowers, especially during the bleak winter months.

Refunds and replacements are subject to the studio’s discretion.